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XC-marathon during the test of Swix’s new Triac Carbon Skate in Granåsen, Trondheim. Photo: Adriana Martins.

Swix has recently launched a new carbon rollerski; Triac Carbon Skate. XC-marathon borrowed a couple from Sportsbua in Trondheim and we tested the rollerskis both in a rollerski venue (the wc arena in trondheim) and on regular road/pavement.

Our first thought was that this was the best rollerski we have tried.

Swix Triac Carbon Skate comes in two versions, an extra stiff for those with a particularly strong kick and one in medium stiffness. We tested the last one. The rollerskis are, according to Swix’s website, made in carbon material and reinforced with kevlar. This makes them very light.

-Have we tried a better rollerski? No, I don´t think so.

Location 1: Granåsen Stadium
The first and immediate feeling from the first moves was that the rollerskis, in a very positive way, were stiff/rigid and directionally stable. They were very ski-like (similar to skis). By this we mean that they were very predictable. Other rollerskis can be somewhat soft (to compensate for vibrations in speed) and a little less reliable when it comes to directional stability, but the Triacs were a pure dream to skate with. They gave a completely different feeling of ski similarity that we have not known before from other rollerskis we have tried. The triacs also rolled very easily and effortlessly at Granåsen Stadium in the uphills.

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At the same time, certainly because own skills, like most recreational skiers, we do not have the strength of top athletes, we noticed less of the flex of rollerskis, but it really only felt like an advantage because they just felt more stable.

The skis´ materials and construction are also supposed to provide an increased torsional stiffness ( the ski does not twist due to an external force as if twisting a cloth), and they really do. This makes the ski feel very light, simple and safe to maneuver, for example in the case of a sudden change of direction, and it also gives cleaner cut, and thus a better balance.

Because of the material they are made of, they also vibrated minimally.

Location 2: Moholt – Dragvoll, Trondheim

Swix Triac Carbon Skate was also tested on the ‘everyday asphalt’ to see how they behaved on a slightly more difficult rollerski conditions. As you look for the perfect winter glide, you are looking for reliable, predictable rollerskis that overcome all obstacles and roll smoothly. As mentioned, Swix’s Triac ski rolled effortlessly in the rollerski venue. But on ordinary asphalt, the difference from other rollerskis is reduced. They “chop” or hesitate a little if we distribute the weight a little wrong on top of them.

Swix Triac was steady, reliable and maneuverable even in speed. Photo: Adriana Martins.

When the speed increases on uneven asphalt, as with other roller skis, it is easier to lose some of the balance with the Swix Triac Carbon Skate. But – and it must be emphasized – it is not necessarily the fault of the rollerskis. Still, even with these rollerskis, it is always a challenge for the recreational skier to maintain a clean cut and keep the balance sometimes.

Otherwise, the Triac Carbon ski from Swix is ​​almost a dream also on the “everyday asphalt”. MInimal vibration here too. The feeling that these are the best rollerskis we have tried is also true after a tour in the traffic. But it is somewhat smaller than after having tried them in the smooth, smooth rollerski trail in Granåsen.

The conclusion for these rollerskis still is it clear: run and buy!

Read more about rollerskis tests here.

XC-marathon thanks Sportsbua in Trondheim for lending out the rollerskis.

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