As XCM has covered earlier, the Visma Ski Classics have this year launched the Challengers series. The latest edition is the Novosibirsk Classic Marathon. The event takes place 14th of March 2020 and is held in classic technique with a 60km long course. 

Petter Eliassen is one of the legends in cross country marathon skiing. Will he join any of the Visma Challengers races this season and compete against you? Photo: Wsportsmedia.

Novosibirsk Classic Marathon is a long distance cross-country ski race that takes place in the heart of Siberia. Novosibirsk is the third biggest city in Russia with a population of about  1.5 million, and in the winter the general temperature is normally between -18 and -20°C . The event offers to its participants good xc weather conditions: the route goes through the forest that is full of white Siberian snow and is shined by the warm spring sun. Average air temperature at this period of year is 2-7 °C under zero, that ensures high speed track. The track consists of two 30 km laps that combine long downhills with gentle climbs and flat areas.

-We are proud to become a part of the Visma Ski Classics Challengers series and hope that our engagement will open Siberian nature and hospitality for the participants from all over the world. Both the 60 and 30 km distances offer a good combination of long downhills with gentle climbings and flat areas. We invite professional and recreational skiers to share our passion for the cross-country skiing!, says communication manager, Tikhonov Alexey




  • Event date: 14thMarch 2020
  • Technique: Classic
  • Race distance: 60 km (two laps)
  • Registration fee (Euro): 15 Euro
  • Number of active years: 3

More info about the event and how to register will be published on


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