only on we can today reveal that the global and regional skiing community with the worldloppet in front, now announces the global ski calendar & ranking.

Worldloppet´s media manager Gunnar Zlöbl explains that with this they want to gather all ski marathon dates and results in one place.

-We want to strengthen the unity of all skiers around the globe on the one hand and all marathons on the other hand. Therefore we invented the Global Ski Marathon Calendar & Ranking as a useful tool for organizers and a new challenge for skiers, says Epp Paal, CEO of Worldloppet.

Concretely, this initiative consists of a marathon ranking, the Global Ski Marathon Ranking (GSMR) and a global marathon calendar, Global Ski Marathon Calendar (GSMC). This way, the plan is to create a common and united marathon skiing community throughout the world with a common calendar, results database and participant´s ranking system.

The ranking system will be launched after the season´s first Worldloppet event, Ushuaialoppet in Argentina.

From then, and forward, every participant can find oneself in the database, based on specific ranking points.

The global ski marathon calendar will still need some more preparation but will be published around september, according to Gunnar Zlöbl, Worldloppet press manager.

Link to ranking:

Link to calendar:

Link to regulations for ranking:

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