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The leading group on the way over one of the hilltop summits in the Reistad race. . Photo: organizers.

Troms County Municipality supports Reistadløpet (Reistad race), a 34- and 50-km xc-marathon in mid-Troms, Norway, which is also part of Visma Ski Classics, with 1.5 million NOK/year in the period 2020-22.

-Troms County Council has accepted our application for 4.5 million NOK from the support scheme “inclusive and growing communities“, and we at Reistadløpet are extremely satisfied that the county acknowledges that our event can deliver tremendously good marketing and profiling. Not only by inner Troms, but by the whole of Troms and northern Norway. This through live television to more than 80 nations around the world, the Reistad race announces in a press release.

To the race´s website, the county Council of Culture and Industry in Troms, Sigrid Ina Simonsen says:- Further development of the Reistad race, as an international ski xc-marathon in line with Marcialonga and Birkebeineren will be able to provide enormously good marketing and profiling of the country, not to mention value creation. It’s great to be able to contribute to this realization!

Thus, the reistad race will offer xc-marathon experiences for at least 4 more years to come.

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