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Foto: Tomas Hejzlar


Jizerská is not only the whole 50 km, choose a shorter track if you want!

Is 50 km too much for you? So, set out on the classic track and run half the track or try a family ten. And if you prefer free style, then we have a 30-kilometre race for you. But beware, registrations are fast on all tracks and already half the capacity is full. Register on time, you will gain experience from the heart of the Jizera Mountains from any track.

Mini Jizerská of the VZP insurance company (Friday, February 8th)

Are you going to Jizerská 50 with your family and do not know how to entertain the smallest household members? Register for kids’ races, according to their age the kids can try a 300, 500, 1000, 2000 or 3000-meter track. And for them, to polish their technique, it is a classic style.

Volkswagen Bedřichovská 30 – 30 km free style (Friday, February 8th)

The only long-distance race of Jizerská 50 with a free technique. Within thirty kilometres you will climb 504 meters and you will reach up to an altitude of 1.000 meters. The track leads from Bedřichov through Nová louka, Kristiánov, Čihadla and Hřebínek. During downhill you will go back to Bedřichov stadium past the dam. The start is at 1 p.m., the racing limit is four hours later.

NYČ SPORT SPRINT (Friday, February 8th)

A challenge for all those who are confident in themselves in shorter distances and can turn sharp bends well. The race is now

Foto: Tomas Hejzlar.

newly divided in three half-kilometre circuits with a turn behind the monument in an attractive atmosphere in artificial lighting. The contestants thus show up in front of the spectators at the stadium twice during the race.

Hervis Jizerská 25 – 25 km classic style (Saturday, February 9th)

The half distance of Jizerská 50 is exactly for those who are not yet confident in themselves to manage the whole 50 kilometres. Just as during the Sunday race, the participants will set out to Nová louka and Kristiánov, then they will continue to Rozmezí and at Čihadla they will disconnect to the direction of Krásná Máří and Hřebínek. Newly, they will go the last kilometre to the finish on the race Five („Pětka“).

ČT Jizerská 10 – 10 km classic style (Saturday, February 9th)

The ČT race of Jizerska 10 race is becoming more and more popular, with over 500 competitors taking it last year. At its start, there are often families with children or those for whom it is the first race in life or who do not dare to go for so for many kilometres. In order to allow these competitors as safe conditions at the final downhill from Buk as possible, we diverted the last kilometre of the race of Hervis Jizerská 25 to the race Five („Pětka“).

Jizerská RAUL company – relay-race 4× 3 km (Saturday, February 9th)

Do you work in a company that would want to become a part of the famous Jizerská 50, do you have a lot of enthusiastic colleagues, friends and relatives around you who would like to experience the atmosphere of Jizerská directly from the trail, but they are not so confident to take longer distances yet? Then the four-track relay-race is the ideal choice, its trail is only three kilometres long and you can use any style.

ČEZ Jizerská 50 – 50 km classic (Sunday, February 10th)

4 800 racers, 50 kilometres, thirty nationalities, unique atmosphere, all this and much more is one race: Jizerská 50, where everyone writes their personal race! In 2019, already the 52st season will be held, be there and set out to a track with the total vertical drop of 937 meters, where you will pass through the whole ridge of the Jizera Mountains from Bedřichov to Jizerka.

Read the Jizerská history, including disputes, the memory of chech montaineers, og norwegian heroes (Dæhlie, Alsgaard, Aukland) participation, here

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