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There are more than 100 xc marathons in Norway each year. Thus, the options are great for cross-country enthusiasts with a little competitive instinct. Every year, the ski federation creates a fixture list in cooperation with the local federation and clubs. There are always some new races that enters to and others that disappear for various reasons. has asked all the local federations on how the status is before this year’s season for their fixture list.

Here are the preliminary answers:

Akershus and Østfold

Chief executive Officer Thor Gjeldsvik responds that Østfold’s only eventual race, the Bagler race is currently uncertain. In Akershus, according to Gjeldsvik, the Headlamp race 2019 takes place 16.01, the Fenstadrunden (Fenstad circuit) 02.02 and the Vester-Gyllen 03.03 2019.

Møre and Romsdal

In Møre & Romsdal Chief Executive Officer Stig Aambø reports that there is currently a set up of three fixtured races, and that there may come to 1-2 more later. The three races that are set takes place at the usual time:

  • 02.02: Skardilten (Seeding race Birkebeinerrennet)
  • 24.02: Around Isfjorden (Rauma)
  • 03.03. Osmarkrunden (Around Osmarka) (Osmarka, Gjemnes)

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Oppland Ski federation

From Oppland, the administration manager Ellie Lein reports that the final fixture list for the races should be approved the 31st of october. , but with a reservation she believes the draft that exists today is 99.9% sure.

Moreover, Lein says that Søre-Ål runden (Around Søre-Ål), which wrote about last year, established a new date for the race last year and it continues on this date this year. Thus, the most important points for the season 2018/-19 in Oppland:

  • Around Søre-Ål round maintains th new date and is held in 2019 the 09th. of February.
  • The Dovrefjell race is held 17.04 as an Easter ski race.
  • The Totenås race (Toten Hill race) rises again in a new outline and is organized by the Lensbygda Sports Club and the eastern Toten Skilag. The race has changed date to 9th. of February.
    • That is to say that both Dovrefjellrunden and Totenåsløpet are new for the year, the others are well established xc marathons that have maintained for several years.


For Buskerud, the administrative director’s Liv Høgli sent a list of the upcoming year’s Turrenn in the local federation (marked with green). In particular, she also reports that there is no significant date change and that Norefjelløpet and Tolver´n as of now is out of the list.

Terminliste langrenn-turrenn Buskerud 18-19 endelig


From Troms local ski federation, Birgitte Gustavsen has sent the preliminary fixture list, but said that not all organizers have reported their races yet.

Terminliste turrenn 2018-19


From Finnmark, administration manager Eli Rognmo of the local ski federation said that there are no changes from last year’s season.

Here you can read the currently track condition status from the main ski resorts in Norway (and Bruksvallarna in Sweden)

Agder and Rogaland

Administration manager Petter Furseth Medler from Agder and Rogaland skikrets: -No major changes with us. The most important ones are Sesilåmi and Hovdentour. Sesilåmi with around 1000 participants and Hovdentour with nearly 2000 participants. (Vi).. Changes a bit on the date of Sesilåmi because of winter holidays, etc. But otherwise, this is fairly unchanged.

The preliminary fixture list of all the races in Agder and Rogaland can be found here.

Telemark and Vestfold

From Telemark and Vestfold, Chief Executive Officer Marie Renate Haugen sends lists from last year’s and this year’s season, and from these can only see changed fixtures in the calendar for Haukelirennet and Around Knarren. These two take place respectively 06.04 and 18.04 in 2019, and the reason for Around Knarren, the change is that this race follows Easter and has the Holy/Maundy Thursday as the fixed race day.


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